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Fun for kids with goats

Come Learn About The Animals

Ever Pet a Capybara or a Porcupine?

Come Learn About The Animals

This is not like normal petting zoos we  actually take you on an interactive tour where you learn and interact with all the animals.  We are a fun thing to do for kids and adults and why we are one of Tucsons attractions.

Exotic animal adventures

Not Your Normal Petting Zoo

Ever Pet a Capybara or a Porcupine?

Come Learn About The Animals

Our petting zoo is different.   Not only do we have many of the traditional farm animals like goats and chickens but also some animals you only see in a zoo!   Just looking for fun things for kids in Tucson you found that attraction.

Capybara and Porcupine

Ever Pet a Capybara or a Porcupine?

Ever Pet a Capybara or a Porcupine?

Ever Pet a Capybara or a Porcupine?

Yes you actually get to feed and pet animals like porcupines and capybaras!  We are one of the only places in the United States you can do this.   Why we are so fun for kids and adults and a Tucson attraction.




General Admission $8

Goats, Chickens, pigs, cow, donkey and Emus

Exotics Tour and General $12

Includes all the general admission animals and our exotics

Capybara, Porcupine, Patagonian Mara, Chacoan Mara, Tortoise, Rabbit, Agouti and Great Curassow.  

Kangaroo Experience $25 

Includes Exotics, General and Kangaroos!

 Age 1 and under free.   You will actually feed and pet most of the animals.  Come visit our attraction now its one of the fun things to do for kids and adults.

Virtual Experiences



Zoom meeting with the species of your choice. Up close chat, learn about the animals, ask questions, watch them do adorable things.

Mini Zoom - 20 min, 1 enclosure of you choice highlighted, $30.
Zoomfari - 40 min, zoom meeting with 3 enclosures of your choice, $50.

Enclosure choices -
Capybara enclosure -  5 capys and 2  Patagonian maras.
Porcupine enclosure - 4 African Crested porcupines.
Patagonian mara enclosure - 4 Maras, 1 Red Rumped agouti, 3 Sulcata Tortoise, 5 rabbits.
Bird Aviary - 2 Great Curassow, 2 Chachalaca, 1 baby emu, 1 cockatiel, random chicks and mini serama chickens.
Goat Yard - our herd of goats, kids, sheep, and lamb.
Pig Sty - 3 mini pigs.
Fowl Pen - Chickens, ducks, geese, guinea fowl, turkey.
Kangaroo run - 2 young Red kangaroos.
Donkey - our one and only Pazole.

Virtual Adoption

Adopt a farm animal of your choice

Chicken, duck, goose, goat, sheep, pig, rabbit, or donkey.
$50 - 10 min zoom meeting with farm animal of your choice. 2 General admission passes, post card.

Dino Adoption

Adopt an emu or other dino muppet. Emu, Tortoise, Great Curassow, Chachalaca, or Cockatiel.
$75 - 15 min Zoom meeting with animal of your choice. 2 Exotic Tour admission passes, post card.

Adopt a ROUS (Rodent of Unusual Size.) Capybara, Patagonian mara, Chacoan mara, Agouti, or Porcupine.
$100 - 20 min Zoom meeting with Rodent of your choice. 2 Exotic tour admission passes, post card.

Kangaroo Adoption

$150 -20 min zoom meeting with Roofio and Guroo. 2 Kangaroo experience admission passes, post card.

For adoptions you can pick a specific animal by name or we can pick for you! All Adoptions also come with a personalized digital adoption certificate for you to print at home.

Help Our Cause

Most zoos in the US are supported by federal or state funds.  We are not supported by municipal, state, or federal funds.    Funny Foot Farm is a privately owned facility, not a 501(c)3 charitable organization. Your contribution is not tax deductible but does provide essential funds that help to support the efforts of Funny Foot Farm to build new habitats, improve existing habitats and care for the animals.  

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Mobile Services

Fun for kids and all ages

Mobile Petting Zoos for Birthdays or Events

Base Prices

Birthday party petting zoo for 1 hour $350

Petting zoo includes ducks, chickens, goats, tortoise, rabbit, pig, capybara and a patagonian

Events please inquire

2 animal show for 1 hour $225

Reptile or Bug show 45 min $225

Add On Services

Extra animal $25

Food too feed the chickens and goats $10

Fun for kids and adults!


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We love our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours.  One of Tucsons attractions and fun for kids.


2405 W Wetmore Rd, Tucson, Arizona 85705, United States

(520) 399-6555


7 DAYS A WEEK 8:00 AM - 11:30 AM and reopen 6:00 PM to 8:30

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